Public spaces

In urban redevelopment projects, sustainable architecture can be applied from the ground up in a variety of public contexts: squares, residential neighborhoods, parks, commercial and exhibition areas, and more. Often, such redevelopment represents a genuine urban regeneration efforts in areas that have fallen into disrepair or obsolescence, transforming them with new designs, plans, materials, and technologies to make them not only aesthetically pleasing but also human-scale and environmentally sustainable. It’s a different kind of beauty, but no less significant.

Abandoned industrial sites are being transformed into sustainable public parks, while historic spaces and buildings are repurposed into eco-friendly community centers, employing building techniques and green technologies to minimize environmental impact and enhance citizens’ experiences. This approach not only preserves the historical and architectural identity of the structures but also fosters a public space ethos centered on sustainability, integrating green spaces and innovative solutions.

Whether through new construction or renovation, the goal is to create urban spaces that honor the environment while providing a high quality of life for residents and promoting sustainable practices that respect nature.


Public spaces

New square in fara olivana

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