Sustainable design as the evolution of building design

Urges, an acronym for Urban Regeneration and Green Economy Services, is an engineering and architectural firm dedicated to sustainable design, an incubator of ideas operating at national and international level, bringing together highly specialized professionals in the various disciplines of architectural design, structural engineering, interior and exterior design, landscape architecture, civil engineering and all the technical specialities of the building industry. All the professionals are experts in green architecture, the application of criteria and technologies aimed at energy efficiency, the biocompatibility of materials and, in general, building design aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

With a team of over 20 professionals, including architects, engineers, designers, modellers and visual artists, we are constantly engaged in research work aimed at responding to new challenges for the conscious design of sustainable spaces designed to improve people’s quality of life.

Urges is part of the Valagussa Group.

chi siamo urges urban regeneration and sustainable design

Why Urges

green architecture
and sustainable urban design for the future

The strength of Urges lies in its multidisciplinary approach, which allows it to follow all the stages of a project’s development, from conception to implementation, with an eye on green architecture and sustainable urban design.

From the first stages of analysis, Urges is committed to providing the best design, structural and aesthetic response, taking care of all aspects of the work, which is always designed with a view to durability, eco-compatibility and resilience in mind.

Urges has been able to combine experience with innovation, always offering cutting-edge solutions.
The use of the latest generation of tools, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), allows to optimize the work process and achieve high-performance results, in compliance with the highest standards of environmental sustainability.

architettura sostenibile urges

Sustainable Architecture

How do we combine the concepts of architecture and sustainability by designing residential, corporate and public spaces environmentally friendly

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rigenerazione urbana

Urban Regeneration

What it is, what principles it is inspired by, and how this vision can be translated into a series of virtuous practices for the human – nature relationship in cities.

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economia verde urges

Green Economy

How it can be applied to the construction world effectively and cost-effectively, and how we apply it to our projects.

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urges environment and architecture and sustainability

meet Synergies for sustainable design

The integration of different skills is the core of our design philosophy, aimed at the realization of high-performance, sustainable and sometimes unexpected solutions.

The specific experience and constant updating of our professionals guarantee efficient, organized, innovative and safe projects, in full respect of the environment, natural resources and people.

Multidisciplinarity is the most effective response to the complexity of sustainable design and its effective implementation. The synergy between different professionals, including architects, designers, planners, engineers, structural engineers and specialized technicians, allows the development of an integrated and in-depth overview.

Thanks to continuous dialogue and comparison, Urges guarantees the best possible solution in terms of:

  • Quality of the result: Civil buildings and industrial infrastructures of high aesthetic and functional level, with high energy efficiency, made with environmentally friendly materials and in compliance with the highest safety standards.
  • Certain times: Accurate planning and optimized management of the design and construction process allow you to meet your deadlines.
  • Reliable costs: The choice of efficient and sustainable solutions allows you to optimize construction and management costs in the long term.
urges environment and architecture and sustainability

Green Innovation

Urges is a company with a strong focus on innovation and green architecture, able to build its reputation on the consolidated experience of its staff.
Our approach uses the latest generation of tools, such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) to optimize the sustainable design process and achieve the expected results.

Urges stands for the future

  • Established experience: A team of highly qualified professionals with a proven track record in the green architecture industry.
  • Innovation for the future: We develop cutting-edge solutions for energy-efficient buildings using environmentally friendly materials.
  • BIM for maximum efficiency: BIM technology allows us to create intelligent 3D digital models to optimize the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings.


safety at work-urges

WORK Safety guaranteed

Urges ensures coordination during the design and execution of the works, as required by Legislative Decree no. 81/08 and s.m.i., and then ensures the presence of a Safety Coordinator both in the planning phase (CSP) and in the execution phase (CSE)

We provide the drafting of:

  • Safety and Coordination Plan (PSC) regarding intensive shipyard activities.
  • Operational Safety Plan (POS) based on the detailed assessment of the risks in relation to the work actually carried out.
  • Scaffolding erection, use and dismantling plan (PIMUS), the technical document that is the reference on the site for these activities.
  • Noise Assessment Report with certified sound level meter.

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